Message of Executive Secretary

creedCEDear all,
First of all, we would like to send our best regards to you and wish you a successful endeavor for alleviation of poverty at the grass-root level. As you know, at present; problem of unemployment and food security are prevailing in everywhere. Beside this, in our Bangladesh, the people of rural areas are suffering for appropriate nutrition and facing low pricing marketing for their product. In this context, as a voluntary development organization, CREED can’t claim a great achievement in poverty alleviation . But at micro level, our education and sanitation project at Saint Martin Island are mentionable as innovative action. On the other hand, in operation of credit program, CREED has established an ideal friendship atmosphere between CREED’s staff and beneficiaries/loan receivers. As a result, a trustful-bridge of smooth transaction is prevailing between beneficiaries and CREED.
Recently, CREED has been trying to organize ‘ Global Food Security Campaign (GFSC)’ aimed to sensitize the world leaders for undertaking appropriate measure for growing more nutrias food items. Here, the following studies of FAO is our base message to the audience :
1.925 million people more then the population of USA ,Canada and other countries don’t have enough to eat .
2.98 per cent of the worlds hungry people living only in seven countries India, China ,DRP Congo, Bangladesh
,Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia .
3.Women make little over half of the worlds population but they account for 60 per cent of the worlds hungry people .
4.A malnourished child dies every seven second and
5.The cost of under institution to national economic development is estimated at US $20-30 billion per annum.
In the above circumstances, our realization is that
“ when a group of people of developed countries are enjoying luxurious life and investing huge capital for producing weapon,
then 925 million people in the world are crying for food”. This is very painful and shameful for our human life.

Finally, We may not be perfect and we have had some disappointments but we are sanguine on one vitally important point. We are totally sincere in our endeavors. We are fully committed to achieve our aims and our very best efforts are applied at all times to achieve our goals through our honest, hard work. Since our formation we have been very humble and need to remain modest of our achievements. We leave no stone unturned in order to keep ourselves abreast of current development trends. We are quite sure that any development programme needs to integrate the findings of modern social science with total dedication, all the skills we can deploy and using the full benefit of all our various experiences.


Md. Sulaiman Khan
Executive Secretary,

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